Diego Diaz Bonilla make high quality products, howeber; if you find any defective product, we will send you another one, never the money.

For this it must conserve the original seal and packiging, its recommended to not cut them before you try it.

You should notice it before 14 days from delivery and should not be consumed more tan a 15% of the weight of the product, it will come detalle don the delivery note.
We will accept as a changing reasons things related to hygiene or poor condition of the product. But never taste appreciations like fat, salt or products consumed more than a 15%. For the product changing, first of all, always contact us by the easyest way for you. After that, we will check all your details and will invite to you to send us back the product. If we approve the returning we will send you a new one and paya ll the delivery charges. If we think that the product is alright we will send the product back to the customer and he will pay all the transport spendings. If we dont get an answer from the customer before 7 days we will proceed to dispose of the remains of the piece.

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